Avalon Hill
Play-by-Mail guide

(for certain games)

Some years ago, I wrote to Avalon Hill requesting PBM instructions for Luftwaffe. I received a pamphlet with rules covering several games: Afrika Korps, Blitzkrieg, Bulge, D-Day, Stalingrad, Waterloo, Anzio, Luftwaffe, Panzerblitz. I have scanned the pamphlet and made it available here. I'm usually pretty good about respecting copyrights (the pamphlet is copyright 1971), but since there is no way you could use these rules to play the games without actually owning the games I feel pretty guilt-free! However, Avalon Hill or Hasbro, please write to me at the address below if you want me to remove these scans.

Some notes about the scans:

Download the file (469KB)

Now in convenient PDF format! (282KB) - 26 Jul 2007

Please contact me if you have any questions! Happy gaming!